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and his use of performance-enhancing drugs. but today the accusations became quite costly. >> how the allegations pushed armstrong out of the top spot of his live strong foundation, even cost him a major sponsor. the long and controversial ride for lance armstrong has taken a dramatic turn. the champion cyclist and cancer survivor stepping aside as the chairman of the foundation and wildly popular livestrong brand to support cancer services. a statement from armstrong on the organization's website reads in part, to spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of the controversy surrounding my cycling career, i will conclude my chairmanship. nike announced today it will take his name off of its workout facility at corporate headquarters and end the relationship of more than a decade. a company press release says, due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that lance armstrong participated in doping and mislead nike for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him. nike does not condone the use of performance-enhancing drugs w
are riding it out in rehoboth with wendy rieger. she is standing by live on the beach. again, you showed us massive waves a short time ago, wendy. where are you now? >> reporter: i'm actually down -- my producer thought it was just too cushy on the balcony, next to a warm room. and decided it would be more interesting to have me on the beach. actually, i wanted to come down journalistically, because i wanted to observe these big waves. and veronica, ver usely, is absolutely right, this thing has changed just in the last 15 minutes. the rain is almost painfully pelting us. and while the massive waves have calmed down a little bit, i'm sure they'll be picking up again. as we get these big gusts of wind, but the good thing is, as a human being i can withstand the wind. so hopefully these structures will be able to do the same. on the other side from here, different story on the bay. it has been incredibly flooded for most of the day. take a look. we were over there a couple of hours ago. we have just moved down a couple of streets. we are now about two blocks south of the rusty rudder. it's lo
to check with us in the coming days. keep up with us on facebook and twitter, too, as well as veronica will show you how to stay up to date with the storm team 4 weather app. >>> a murder in the middle of the afternoon. right now, police are asking for help finding the car seen driving away from a killing in northeast washington here, just before 1:00. officers say someone shot a man near the corner of 36th street and benning road. a black toyota camry with tinted windows and pennsylvania plates. police believe there were two people inside the car. >>> police have in their custody right now a well-known swim coach. his name is rick curl. he turned himself in to police in montgomery county in connection with a 30-year-old allegation of child abuse. keith russell is live in our newsroom with word on hour curl's accuser is reacting. >> reporter: rick curl has already been banned for life by usa swimming. had his name taken off the swim club he founded. now the legendary montgomery county coach stands to lose something else, his freedom. this is video of curl speeding away po
joins us live from nats park. pat collins will be live again, and jackie bensen reports on the traffic situation. >>> chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here now with your first forecast. doug? >> guys, temperatures today climbing to near 70 degrees. take a look at the shot right now. a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. a few clouds make their way in. temperatures 69 degrees out there right now. winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. what are we going to be seeing the rest of the evening? you can see dew point is 44. but that's going to be going down behind a frontal boundary. temperatures ahead of that front, 70 in leesburg and 70 over towards annapolis. just gorgeous. here's the frontal boundary, making its way in. in through portions of west virginia. that front will move through. and it will cool things down again. western fairfax county, to the reston and herndon area, through your morning, how about this, temperatures 63 degrees by 7:00. looking good. under partly sunny skies. 57 degrees by 11:00. waking up tomorrow morning to a rather cool 43. some of you will be in the uppe
a tropical storm by the time it gets near us. we have high pressure up across new england that will block that storm and push it inland. then we've got a weather front coming in from the west. all interacting, giving us a whole lot of rain throughout the area. the winds are at 75 miles per hour, sitting just off the coast of florida. watch it as it makes its way northward. a category 1, perhaps even weakening before it makes landfall. so what's changed now from the last time we hit air, and from some of the new guidance that comes out, is the fact that it's going to be lagging by about 12 hours. so the brunt of the storm, the worst of the storm now probably late monday through tueay morning or at least midday. and coming inland somewhere perhaps around the southern shore of new jersey on tuesday. all right. you can see the radar there. the spin, showers already hitting areas of southern florida. as far as hurricane sandy then, the rain probably starting late on sunday. but the heaviest rain now, monday late through tuesday, with still some big rain and some big wind expected around the ar
're using all sorts of high-powered equipment to clean up the spot. it's proving to be a much bigger task than anyone imagined. >> it's slippery when you walk on it. but it sticks to the bottom of the shovel. >> reporter: the last thing the national park service wanted to do after the $34 million renovation to the reflecting pool. tack on another $100,000 service to the invoice. >> it's frustrating. we did not expect to have to do this so quickly. but this is a maintenance problem. >> reporter: after an ongoing battle with the severe algae problem, they took the advice of an aquatic geologist and drained the pool. >> probably another day or two before we get everything out. our company has five or six guys, and 100 of the free lance companies. >> we came here to see, and we are very, yeah, disappointed. >> reporter: it will take contractors a few days to clean and then refill the reflecting pool, but this time they will increase the ozone level in the water, a technique commonly used to fight algae buildup. >> we're not quite sure how much ozone to inject into the water. we started out at
of police vehicles all over the region trying to chase down a silver crown victoria. police sources tell us maryland state police were patrolling for stolen vehicles when the crown vic flew by them on 495. that's when u.s. park police say they got involved. >> today at approximately 11:30 this morning, there was a vehicle traveling south bound on the baltimore washington parkway. it was checked and confirmed to be a stolen vehicle. u.s. park police officers started a pursuit. >> most of the chase circled through a five-block section of ward 8 near alabama avenue, before the vehicle crashed at the intersection of mississippi and south capitol in the southeast. witnesses say a police dog actually took the suspect down about a half a block away from the crash. we'll show you more of the chase and give you the latest developments on it tonight on news4 at 5:00. pat? >> all right. thanks, tisha. >>> it was a terrible morning for hundreds of drivers. a truck accident brought the interloop of the beltway to a screeching halt for hours. the whole ordeal started around 4:30 this morning. traffic did
's the latest fallout from a u.s. anti-doping agency report released earlier this month that outlined overwhelming evidence that lance armstrong was a kingpin in a doping program. nike, oakley, trek bikes, radio shack and anheuser-busch have all ended their relationship with armstrong, and last week the cancer survivor stepped down as the chair of his wildly successful livestrong foundation. he spoke at the charity's fund-raising gala this weekend in austin. >> it's been a difficult couple of weeks for me, for my family, for my friends, for this foundation. i get asked a lot, people say, man, how are you doing? and i say, and i say this every time, and i mean it, i say, i've been better, but i've also been worse. >> reporter: armstrong has steadfastly denied using performance enhancing drugs and says he will continue to work closely with his cancer foundation. jay gray, nbc news. >>> we are following a developing story. the food and drug administration is now investigating reports of five deaths linked to monster energy drinks. this follows a recently filed wrongful death suit by the
and he joins us live from bell font, pennsylvania with reaction. >> reporter: the judge could have sentenced jerry sandusky to hundreds of years, but said a 68-year-old defendant, the practical effect was the same. jerry sandusky left the courthouse to begin what amounts to a life sentence behind bars. the former penn state football coach once hailed as a hero on the gridiron, now officially labeled a violent sex predator under pennsylvania law. before sentencing, sandusky delivered a rambling 15-minute statement. he choked with emotion as he talked about smiling through his pain and he declared himself a victim. repeating claims of innocence, he made in a radio statement on the eve of sentencing. >> they can treat me as a monster but they can't take away my heart. in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> reporter: the prosecutor called sandusky's statements ridiculous. >> his statement today was a master piece of banal self-delusion. completely untethered from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility. >> reporter: sandusky's defense team said
as the chain reaction as hit the poles in this neighborhood and advised us to stay inside, because we had power lines everywhere. >> reporter: the family that lives here in this home in mcclain was inside when they say they heard this pole come crashing down. take a look at the lines, they stretch up to another pole that ripped that pole over to its side. and you can see another tree came down bending a pole as well down there. >> it's been frustrating and surprising, because we're used to power outages here, but we've never had this kind of situation where there's power lines across my yard. they're lying across the front and side of my yard. >> reporter: it's been a day and a half of calls to utility, cable and phone companies. dominion crews on scene this morning to clean this up, remove the trees, right the poles, string the lines. >> it was a really bad storm. been without power a day and a half. sorry to be without power, it's hard. >> reporter: in oldtown, the sand bag and plastic tarps remain. all eyes on the potomac. >> i thought they were going to take them down, i didn't realize they
with the very latest. >> sandy has weakened but it is not quite done with us yet. we're seeing creeks, streams, rivers, all rise. coming up in a couple moments, we'll talk about the specifics of which ones, where, and how cold it will get tonight. >> in new york, flooding surpassed what forecasters predicted in a worst-case scenario. jay gray is live with a look at the damage throughout the northeast. >> good evening. >> just starting to get a little rain here. the weather is back below the seawall for the most part, gone in battery park. the damage, the devastation not only here but along the coast. most certainly has not. >> reporter: the day after. the devastation is overwhelming. >> this is literally the storm of our lifetime. sandy battered the mid-atlantic and east coast, violent winds and floodwaters that turned deadly overnight. more than two dozen people killed and there is fear that number could climb. >> the enormity of the storm, the power of the storm. then you have call coming in and you cannot get to these people. we don't know if we have bodies out there right now or not. that'
sister to death this morning in front of their 92-year-old mother. police tell us the victim was dr. ruth hamilton allen who lived on getties court here. her brother, charles, is in custody this afternoon. news4's pat collins has learned what may have led to that shooting and he'll have a live report at 5:00. >>> metro is trying to explain why it will take so long to get cell phone service in all underground stations. today was supposed to be the deadline to get service from all four major care yerss. metro now says it recently asked congress for an extension and now metro is estimating, it could be three years before the project is complete. metro would not give any specific reason for the delay, except that the project is proving to be much more labor intensive and complex than first thought. cell phone service is currently available at 20 of metro's busiest stations, but it is not available in most tunnels. >>> turning to the weather. get set for another chill. some of us could see frost tonight. >> storm team 4 doug kammerer has the details. >> if you walk outside right now, it is on
bit of a windchill out here. me and dan left the station today and somebody said to us, you guys look exactly the same. red ties. the blue checked shirts. my suit's probably a little nicer. but it's still looking pretty good, guys. what do you think? >> i like to call it nat-itude. >> i think that's double trouble there. >> we're talking triple here, because handly's tie is also red. >> that's what i'm talking about right there. >> the same one i wore yesterday. the lucky tie. i've got to do it. thanks, guys. we'll be checking back throughout the evening. >>> and stay with news4 for continuing coverage of game five. we'll have team coverage tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. and you can also get the latest on >>> everything is on the line tonight for baltimore. and fans rooting for a beltway world series. the orioles overcame a disappointing loss wednesday to earn their own extra innings. a win last night. j.j. hardy hit the winning run in the 13th to help the team to their 2-1 victory over the yankees. the os and yankees take the mound in new york in just over an hour. the
are a country built on freedom of what we want to do. we shouldn't have the government telling us what we want to do. >> reporter: before she introduces any new measures, the councilman said she will talk to her colleagues and see if she has the support that she needs. in the district, megan mcgrath, news4. >>> we have some breaking news on a hazmat situation causing a traffic nightmare at this hour on the chesapeake bay bridge. these are live pictures as chopper 4 is on the its way to the bridge where a tanker carrying several thousand gallons of propane fuel has sprung a leak. the transit authorities have shut down the bridge in both directions as crews try to drain the tanker. it is not yet clear what caused the leak. again, route 50 along the bay bridge is now shut down in both directions as the clean-up effort continues. >>> in his first public response to getting banned from cycling, today lance armstrong removed all references to the tour de france from his twitter account. early this morning, armstrong's biochanged, eliminating the fact that he had won seven times. the international cy
meteorologist doug kammerer joins us now with more on our chilly forecast. >> chilly, almost an understatement here. here we are in the middle to early october. very cold numbers. 54 degrees. plenty of clouds, and even shower activity, even around the district. winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour now. take a look at the numbers around the rest of the area. 44 in martinsburg. and 52 down towards fredericksburg. temperatures right now 15 to 20 degrees below average. and we're going to be even colder tonight. look at the rain coming across the region. most of this has been on the light side. it's been per per sis tant along the corridor. over the next couple of hours, expect the temperatures to come down and expect more rain to come down, too. my complete forecast in just a few minutes. >>> the next time you ride metro, you might encounter new controversial ads promoting israel. they initially refused to post them but a judge is now giving metro until 5:00 tonight to put them up. here's the reaction from the riders. >> seems pretty zionist. >> reporter: it's only 18 words, but its mess
muse. >>> a big weather story developing right now. hurricane sandy could have a big impact on us. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is keeping a close eye on this. >> confidence has really been increasing with each computer models, guidance we look at. the storm system sandy, as a hurricane, could move very close to the east coast in that time period of the end of the weekend. and through the early part of next week. let's talk about it here. today, of course, w50e6 had clouds moving through. storm system right now far koun down to our south. you can see some of the northernmost part of the cloud shield hitting areas of southern florida right now. the position on sandy as a hurricane has winds of 80 miles per hour. you can see right there, over jamaica. it's been producing a lot of rain and battering areas of jamaica with quite a bit of wind today as a category 1. later it will be making its way through eastern -- over eastern parts of cuba, then on to the southeastern bahamas with its track to the north, and again, very close to the coast in that time period for the
to this week. chuck bell joins us now with word on if that could include some storms. how about it, chuck? >> well, j and barbara, yes, indeed there's still an opportunity for rain showers. i can't rule out one or two isolated rumbles of thunder. no widespread severe weather. that's the good news in all this. there are actually breaks of sunshine between some of the rain drops right now frl. 70 degrees at national airport. winds gusting to 22 miles per hour. we're still waiting on the cold front to reach us in the immediate washington area. temperatures remain very, very mild indeed. still 70 downtown. 70 in manassas. 70 degrees in culpepper. a bit of the cooler air arrives across parts of northern and western maryland. rain showers northern montgomery, maryland and more showers out to the blue ridge. once you get south of the winchester area, front royal. we'll keep an eye on this over the next couple hours. nothing all that heavy or severe. sometimes a little bit of rain can slow things down on the beltway. you may want to have a little extra travel time built into the commute. >>> it i
they show a pattern of molestation. >> for us, it represents the pain and the anguish of thousands of untold scouts. >> reporter: often carried out by single men in their 30s and 40s who spent a lot of one-on-one time with potential victims. many of the scout leaders considered some of the best in their regions. >> in the past, we didn't do the job we should have, and we're sorry for that, profoundly sorry. >> reporter: boy scout officials acknowledge there have been problems but are quick to point out that the times and focus on safety have changed dramatically. >> we try to remind people where we are today. how we've been leaders in this protection. >> reporter: for many, the concern continues to be what could be gng on in their own backyard. jay gray, nbc news. >> the files made public today deal with cases from 1965 through 1985. lawyers are pushing to have all of the documents released. >>> breaking news this afternoon in the trial of two police officers accused of beating a former university of maryland student. closing arguments are now delayed after a question about the ability of ju
-old panda cub last month. >> the zoo tells us lung and liver problems contributed to the little bear's death. megan mcgrath has more on the zoo's findings and how the mother, me xapi xiang is doing. >> reporter: they've been running a lot of tests, trying to figure out exactly what happened. and they do believe they now have the cause of death for the cub. they say that the cub's lungs were poorly developed, that there was not enough oxygen getting to the liver. that, in turn, caused liver damage and ultimately death. as for mei xiang, she is back on public display. she was out in the yard this morning, although she kept her back to visitors most of the morning. she's almost back to normal, she's not cradling her toy anymore. but she's no longer using that bamboo nest. they removed the last of that nesting material. in terms of her appetite, she still is not eating as much as normal. she's only eating about 80% to 85% of what she would normally eat. she is down a little bit in her weight. >> we want to see mei get to 100% consumption of bamboo, fruits and vegetables and biscuits as she norma
in the state. tonight the torrance refinery tells us operations will return to normal. >> it will help supply a lot. so, we think the high prices will start to calm down as we get through the to the weekend inand into next week. >> reporter: according to aaa, drivers are paying an extra 53 cents more per gallon than the rest of the country. and those 53 cents can add up. let's say on average the l.a. commuter drives about 300 miles a week. and your car gets about 20 miles a gallon. that means you're paying an extra $32 a month. >> be able to come to costco and get more groceries and, you know, $32 adds up. >> the national average for gas is about $3.79 a gallon. the highest ever for this time of year. the especially high prices are unique to california because the state's strict pollution standards require a special gasoline blend. also, the available inventory of gas is at a ten-year low in the golden state. >>> right now, a gallon of regular in washington is $3.91. higher than the national average. but that's still down from a penny, about a penny or so from last week. in fact, all local ga
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